I Love This Girl: Old Time Fiddle & Banjo

I Love This Girl


  • Silver Nail
  • Devil in the Strawstack
  • Shannon Waltz


Jim Nelson, Reviewer for The Old Time Herald, writes:

"From start to finish, this has to be one of the more enjoyable, and unusual selections of dance fiddle music released in quite some time.... So, if you hear that Curly and Carole Anne will be appearing at a dance near you, make sure to get out. Until then, get out and get this CD. It's a dandy.



  1. Silver Nail, from Fiddlin' Bob Larkan, Disk 1, "Somewhere in Arkansas", produced by The Center for Arkansas and Regional Studies
  2. Cotton-Eyed Joe, from Hawk Hubbard in the late 1980's.
  3. I Love This Girl, from the recording of Pawlo Humeniuk, Arhoolie-Folklyric 7025.
  4. Citaco, from the fiddling of Lowe Stokes, Document 8045
  5. Horga Mountain, from the fiddling of Edwin Johnson, The American Swedish Spelmans Trio, Rounder 6004
  6. Possum on the Rail, from Mississippi Possum Hunters, Mississippi String Bands, Vol.2, Document 8028
  7. Grigsby's Hornpipe, from the fiddling of Eck Robertson, Famous Cowboy Fiddler, County 202
  8. Cat in the Hopper, found in One Thousand Fiddle Tunes (1940)
  9. Coe's Walkaround, found in Coe's Album of Jigs and Reels for the Violin (1876)
  10. Speed of the Plow, from the fiddling of John Morgan Salyer
  11. Drunken Wagoneer, from the fiddling of Bob Walters, Bob Walters MSOTFA recording by the same name. This tune strongly resembles the Scottish strathspey, The Bog (in Em), from The Skye Collection (1887)
  12. Langeland's Waltz, a Danish tune learned off a CD from Denmark
  13. Whistlebee, from the fiddling of Dr. D.D. Hollis, Document 8032, Alabama String Bands
  14. The Fyket: found in The Skye Collection (1887)
  15. Devil in the Strawstack, learned from Tommy Jarrell, Sail Away Ladies, County 756
  16. Sailor's Hornpipe, Fisher's Hornpipe, Constitution Hornpipe: tunes in F learned along the way. Sailors Hornpipe is played in F, because the last 2 tunes were originally written in F.
  17. Stump Town Stomp, from the fiddling of Eck Robertson, Famous Cowboy Fiddler, County 202
  18. Bornholmsk Springedans, from same Danish CD mentioned above
  19. Texas Farewell, from the fiddling of Jim Pate on the album of the same title, County 517
  20. Mississippi Echoes, from the fiddling of Will E. Ray of the Ray Brothers, Mississippi String Bands, Vol.2 Document 8028
  21. Patteroller, Originally a Minstrel banjo tune, I heard it played on the banjo and developed this version for the fiddle.
  22. Wolves Howling, from the fiddling of Charles Stripling, of The Stripling Brothers, Document 8007
  23. Shannon Waltz, from the fiddling of D. H. Williams, of the East Texas Serenaders, Document 8031