Horse Shoe Bend

Horse Shoe Bend


  • I Lost my Love and I Care Not
  • Horse Shoe Bend
  • The Old Countryman's Reel


HORSE SHOE BEND was just released in 2004 and is over one hour long with 26 great fiddle tunes! Curly plays the fiddle on all of the tunes and bowed bass on about half of the selections. Carole Anne plays either the 6-String or Moulton on all but two selections. Curly's tune source is listed along with the instrumentation for each piece.

Gail Gillespie, Editor of The Old Time Herald says:

"WOW! I Love your Horse Shoe Bend!...You have a Unique sound. Your great rhythm shows you've played for lots of dances! Great "old" sounding tunes - love the steady, deep banjo and bowed bass!"



  1. Swamp Cat Rag, Lowe Stokes from Document-DOCD-8045 Fiddle (AEAE), Moulton
  2. Hiram Allen's Tune, Dwight "Red" Lamb on "Joseph Won a Coated Fiddle" (Rounder-0429) Fiddle (GCAE), 6-String, Bass
  3. Duffy The Dancer, Neil Nolan from "Farewell to Ireland" (Proper Records-P1109) Fiddle, 6-String
  4. I Lost My Love and I Care Not, The McCusker Brothers Ceilidh Band from "Traditional Dance Music of Ireland" (Saydisc-CD-SDL-420) Fiddle, 6-String, Bass
  5. Salty River Reel, Cyril Stinnett (MSOTFA-104) Fiddle (AEAE), Moulton
  6. Moze Haymar Jig, Tune source listed as Boston, 1845 in Dan Emmett and the Rise of Early Negro Minstrelsy by Hans Nathan, 1962 Fiddle.
  7. Horse Shoe Bend, Stripling Brothers (Document-DOCD-8007) Fiddle, 6-String, Bass
  8. Dance to Your Daddy, Old Traditional British Isles Song Fiddle, 6-String, Bass
  9. Give the Fiddler a Dram, Carter Brothers and Son (Document-DOCD-8009) Fiddle (AEAE), Moulton
  10. The Old Countryman's Reel, Christeson's and Bob Walters Fiddle, 6-String, Bass
  11. Shag Poke, Dwight "Red" Lamb (Rounder 0429)
  12. Little Dog Trotting Down the River, Cyril Stinnett (MSOTFA-103) Fiddle (AEAE), Moulton
  13. Frog's Frolic/Three Little Drummers, Coles Fiddle, 6-String, Bass
  14. Katy Did, Lowe Stokes (Document-DOCD-8045) Fiddle (AEAE), 6-String
  15. Dusty Miller, John Brown from "Great Big Yam Potatoes" (Mississippi Dept. of Archives and History #AH-002) Fiddle (AEAE), Moulton
  16. E.M. Hall's No. 2, Coes Fiddle, 6-String, Bass
  17. Skin Britches With Hatch, Edwin Johnson from "The American Swedish Spelmans Trio" (Rounder 6004) Fiddle, 6-String, Bass
  18. Done Gone, Eck Robertson (County 5515) Fiddle, 6-String, Bass
  19. Medley of 3 Polkas, two Danish and one Hungarian, Danish from "Jae' Sweevers egnsmusic fra Fano" (Fanomusik-CD 1992-1), Hungarian from "Kalman Balough and Meta-Gypsy Music From Hungarian Villages" (Arc 1373) Fiddle, 6-String, Bass
  20. Bunker Hill/Sligo Reel, John Vesey from "Sligo Fiddler" Fiddle
  21. Jenny on the Railroad, Carter Brothers and Son (Document DOCD-8009) Fiddle (AEAE), 6-String
  22. Tater Vals, Craig Ruble (Banjar Records-ER-901) Fiddle, 6-String